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Pisces Full Moon

Compassionate and imaginative; the Pisces Full Moon visits on 9-20-21 to open our intuition and bring our dreams to life!

If you have been feeling overworked or out of balance (with the analytical Virgo sun urging us to work hard in the physical world) Pisces is here with a reprieve to delve into our imaginations and nurture our emotional realm. We have all been in worker bee mode, focused on our specific tasks and getting things done. Now we can let loose a little - do something where the outcome doesn't matter! What activity feels like rest to you? Bonus points if it involves water! Doodling in your dream journal in the bath after a good cry may be ultimate Pisces mode, but do what calls to you. Pisces energy will be present in anything you do to express yourself at this time.

I always start to feel the water moon energy a little stronger than others. If you've been feeling a little closer to the brink of tears than usual, you can thank Pisces for helping you let out the emotions the Virgo sun may have been helping you ignore. Allow yourself time to feel and release these emotions- my favorite is to take a bath and visualize the felt emotions wash down the drain so you can step out a little lighter. Afterwards be sure make a practice of visualizing your heart space filling back up, allowing you to hold your energy steady as we move through the water energy. To do this I have been holding a drop of Blue Tansy essential oil on my heart while visualizing its lovingly playful floral energy filling me up. Blue Tansy helps us to connect to our inner child, a perfect pairing for dreamy Pisces.

Ethereal Pisces also helps to clear any fuzziness in your intuition. This is a time where messages from your Higher self, ancestors, or other guides may be coming through clearer than usual. Welcome and take note of messages you may be receiving in your dreams by leaving a note pad near you while you sleep. This is a great time to engage with divination tools like runes, tarot, or oracle cards for clear guidance.

Wishing you happy swimming through this water moon,

- Emilynn

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