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Offerings to Support Your Journey


Tarot and Oracle

Card Readings

Looking for clarity and guidance?

The cards can help us to recognize patterns in our lives and provide guidance in moving forward.
Readings via Zoom can be booked below through Calendly

In person readings are available in the Baltimore MD area,
send me a message to schedule an in person reading today!

Energy Healing Sessions

Reiki - Chakra Balancing - Crystal Healing - Essential Oil Protocols

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that can promote relaxation, healing,

and the release of old patterns within your energy field. As a level two reiki practitioner

I offer both in person and distance reiki sessions.

Chakra Balancing is a practice working with the seven main energy centers within the energetic field to gain clarity in where we are out of alignment and to bring them back into balance. 

In addition to these practices I utilize crystal healing techniques and essential oil protocols to support the intentions for your session. These powerful gifts from the Earth can help to raise our energetic vibrations while shedding what no longer serves us.

Contact Me Here to Schedule Your Session!

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