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Getting to know you..

Getting to know my new deck!

Every deck has its own energy, specialties, and way of communicating. I got to different decks depending on the types of questions I have, or how gentle/blunt of an answer I or my querent is ready for at the time. When working with a new deck it helps to do an interview spread to get to know its energy before doing other readings.

Reading the Tarot Disassembled deck feels like deciphering dreams! It invites you to utilize your intuition and instincts to find what symbols are standing out to you the most so you can receive the cards message. While the images are dreamy they definitely have an active energy, I feel like this deck wants to cheer people on as they begin pursuing their passions or finding their true creative spark. Working with this deck will definitely help me on the never ending path of learning more (especially when it comes to learning more about symbols). I feel like the Ace of Pentacles message may just be the deck pointing out where I’m struggling not where it struggles to communicate(I feel like this is not the deck for gentle wisdom). Although as the lily stands out it may also be that this is just not the deck for questions of manifesting. Finally, the King of Cups tells me that this is the deck for finding a balance between the intellectual and emotion realm.

I’m looking forward to working further with this beautiful deck!

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