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Libra New Moon

Today we welcome the scales of Libra to illuminate ways we can find balance throughout life and create graceful boundaries in our relationships.

The new moon is an invitation to begin planting seeds of goals and intentions. A time of new beginnings; you can start to draw the plans now for what you want to manifest in the coming six months when the corresponding Full Moon occurs.

While Virgo led us to focus on our productivity, goals, and routines, Libra shifts our focus to our relationships. Perhaps we haven't been devoting as much time to the important people in our lives (including our higher selves!) while we were accomplishing all of the goals Virgo inspired. Now is an opportunity to reflect on your relationships and bring them back into balance.

While Libra's harmonious collaborative spirit can quickly swing towards people-pleasing or codependence - to be truly in alignment with the energy of this sign you have healthy boundaries in your relationships. But keeping with the refinement of Libra's energy these boundaries aren't hard sharp walls, it is a strong grace of knowing what is true to you and simply letting go of what does not serve you in being your bright shiny self.

Essential oils can support you on the energetic level as you connect with the new moon. This diffuser blend is designed to support you in engaging with Libra during this new beginning. Diffuse this blend while reflecting on what feels out of balance in your life, through meditation, journaling, or doing a new moon reading. In identifying what is out of balance, Libra will guide you in what boundaries to put in place that will allow you to be more in harmony with your higher self.

Palmarosa - This fresh and floral oil calms the heart and mind allowing easy harmony between the two.

Juniper Berry - Clarifying juniper berry helps us to emotionally detox, so we have a clear vision both in seeing other perspectives and for seeing what seeds we want to plant during this new moon.

Coriander seed - Nourishing coriander seed eases us into a state of allowing, making it easier than ever to receive the gifts that we are manifesting.

Jasmine - This euphoric oil honors the beautiful and sensual energies of Libra and fills your heart with its gentle spirit.

Wishing you the most beautiful of New Moons,

- Emilynn

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