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Virgo New Moon

Discerning Virgo is visiting us today to help us reground, analyze the habits we want to cultivate, and design a structure to support our growth.

The new moon is an invitation to begin planting seeds of goals and intentions. A time of new beginnings; you can start to draw the plans now for what you want to manifest in the coming six months, when the corresponding Full Moon occurs.

The new moon in Virgo, a mutable sign, is an opportunity to make great shifts and progress with your goals. Virgo is a master architect, the perfect influence to plan a new healthy habit, routine, or complete life overhaul under.

Essential oils can support you on the energetic level as you connect with the new moon. This diffuser blend is designed to aid you in engaging with Virgo in this time of fresh starts. I recommend diffusing while you write a list of goals (big and small - my grandfather would have his clients write 50 goals so they would truly know what the want in life), or design a new routine for starting or ending your day.

Pimenta Berry - This spicy sweet oil is uplifting and comforts the spirit, allowing your inner being to feel safe and secure as you welcome the transformations this mutable sign offers.

May Chang - Bright and lemony May Chang clarifies your visioning into the past, present, and future, so you can clearly see where you want to go.

Cedarwood - This strengthening oil, connects you to this Earth sign while fortifying you with the courage to move forward with the plans you are making.

If looking to work with divining tools, such as tarot or runes, I would recommend adding Laurel Leaf to your blend to fully connect with your third eye, and invoke the feeling of victory in your endeavors!

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