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Feeling scattered or unfocused? This bath salt blend settles the mind so you can securely and confidently move through your day. Perfect for gaining focus before a big day at work, an important project, or when you're craving some reconnection with your body.


Salts include a guided meditation card to support you in grounding 

Grounding Blend

  • Rose reminds the body of its wholeness and helps to protect your energetic field from picking up others emotions

    Bergamot eases anxiety by reseting the nervous system while uplifting the spirit

    Frankincense grounds you pulling excess noise from your head so your energy is smoothly balanced from the earth through your crown

    Vetiver nourishes the body with a deep connection to the earth

    Black Spruce brings balance to the root chakra providing a feeling of being supported

  • Create a special space to enjoy this blend - light a candle, play some music, or just close the door!  Take this time focus on nourishing yourself and enjoy!

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